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INTENTIONAL 2013: The Art and Science of creating your future.

The Core Passion® INTENTIONAL 2013 is a proven and experiential four-week class that will reveal the secret codes and keys for living in the flow and creating what you want. Use this four-part class to launch a balanced and prosperous 2013! Set your intentions and action plans to achieve what you want to achieve for yourself, your business and/or career.  Please call Ann, 612-220-7257, for next class.

Discover Your Personal Energy
Whether you want to be more comfortable with who you are, obtain a new job, generate more personal income, build deeper relationships, or become more influential understanding and using your Core Passion® is essential. Learn how passion drives your thoughts and actions. Enjoy the movement of yoga to anchor what you learn about your passion. Please call Ann, 612-220-7257, for next class.

Core Passion® Assessment

Find out what drives you to do what you do!
The Core Passion® Assessment is a a powerful self-assessment tool to help you be all that you are meant to be.There are many assessment available for people to discover more about themselves.  The Core Passion® Assessment measures the frequency of your inner spirit - your inner drive.

If you are interested in discovering your Core Passion® profile - passion and purpose,
click here. The assessment is $90.


When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.
Core Passion® Quest Consultation is personal and about your Core Passion® Profile.  This exploration offers a deeper interpretation of your results and the application of the results to your life and/or business. 

You will gain the tools and knowledge to use your powerful energy force to move forward and achieve your goals.  Call 612-220-7257 or send me a note to get started. The Core Passion® Quest Consultation is $400.


Tap into your intuition and gain daily inspiration!
The Essence of the Quest is a unique Guide Book that gives you access to specialized knowledge about your burning desire to assist you in becoming decisive in nature. It takes you through an easy, succinct, powerful experiential process that allows you to directly connect with your Core Passion™. Send me a note and to receive your Quest Deck for $29 (plus $6 for S&H).