Prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow.

Practical Leadership helps you identify the core competencies needed for the future of your organization. We strategically design programs to align your vision with your organization’s need for growth.

Our custom programs and seminars develop and accentuate the strengths of your employees and build new skills and unleash abilities to perform. This will set into motion a process for your whole organization to move confidently to peak effectiveness.

A strong belief: Authenticity is the most important quality of successful leaders. We know that being authentic is magnetic - authentic leaders draw people to them, embody truth, and create success. Authentic leadership consists of three key ingredients - passion, vision, and action. These key ingredients are core to leading with strategic intent. When you know who you are, you know what to do.

~ Leap to Leadership ~
~ Social and Emotional Intelligence ~
~ Listening and Coaching ~
~ Performance Management ~
~ Mentoring Skills ~
~ Building Collaborative Teams ~

Our pivotal training will:
  • Teach people a better way
  • Make things easier and more rewarding
  • Empower others to gain higher knowledge
  • Create experiential learning experiences
  • Integrate each person’s style, motivation and abilities to enhance their strengths

Here is a sample of pivotal programs delivered:
  • Leadership Development: Listening,Mentoring and Coaching - Mohegan Sun Casino, Caesars Indiana
  • Leading with Strategic Intent - Tapemark
  • Building Collaborative Teams: Passion Vision Action - Southern Nevada Water Authority, Tapemark
  • Mentoring Skills - KDV (Kern Dewenter Viere)